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When most people think about starting a blog, the first thing that comes to mind is the blog name. But what about the blog post titles? How do you come up with those? And more importantly, how do you come up with headline ideas that will get your readers excited and engaged? We’ve got you covered. Introducing our headline generator! This tool will help you come up with 50 fresh, catchy blog title generator in seconds. So whether you’re struggling to come up with ideas or just need a little inspiration, our headline generator has got you covered.

The benefits of using a headline generator

It can be difficult to come up with headlines that are both interesting and relevant to your target audience. A headline can help you come up with dozens of ideas for headlines in minutes. By brainstorming a variety of different headlines, you can find the one that best suits your blog and your readers. Additionally, using a headline generator can help you stand out from the competition. With so many blogs out there, it’s important to find a way to make your blog stand out. A smart place to start is with a good headline.

How to use a headline generator

There are many different headlines on the internet. Some are free, others are subscription-based. But all of them basically do the same thing: help you come up with catchy headlines for your blog post. The best way to use a headline generator is to keep in mind your target audience. If you are targeting millennials, for example, you would want to use a generator that offers fresh and trendy headlines. If you are targeting a more general audience, however, then a blog title generator that offers more traditional headlines would be more appropriate.

50+ headlines to get you started

If you’re looking for some fresh blog post ideas, look no further! Our blog title generator will give you 50+ catchy titles to get you started.

  1. What I Wish I Knew About [Topic]
  2. The Beginner’s Guide To [Topic]
  3. A Step-By-Step Guide To [Topic]
  4. [#] Reasons I Chose To [Activity/practice]
  5. How I Learned To [Activity/Practice] From [Time Frame] To [Time Frame]
  6. [#] Simple Ways To Improve Your [Topic]
  7. [#] Cures For [Problem]
  8. [#] Ways To [Actvitiy/practice]
  9. I [Activity/practice]. This Is What I Learned.
  10. How To [Activity/practice] Like A [Expert]
  11. How To [Solution] By [Activity/Practice]
  12. What No One Tells You About [Activity/practice/topic]
  13. One Year On: [Platform/program]
  14. Two Years On: [Platform/program]
  15. Why You Should [Activity/practice]
  16. Here’s Why You Should Never [Activity/practice]
  17. The One Thing/Rule That Trained Me To [Activity/Practice]
  18. How To [Activity/Practice] In [#] Easy Steps
  19. I [Activity/Practice]. Here’s What I Learned
  20. I [Activity/practice]. Here’s How
  21. [#] Great Ways To [Activity/practice]
  22. How To [Actvity/Practice] That Honestly [Problem Solution]
  23. [#] Quotes/Lessons In [Topic] From [Person]
  24. [#] [Activities/Practices] That Will Make You [Achievement]
  25. You Must [Activity/Practice] If You Want To [Achievement]
  26. How To [Activity/practice]
  27. Does anyone else want [Solution to the problem]?
  28. What you ought to know about [Topic]
  29. Here’s the best way to [Solution to the problem]
  30. The Lazy [Person] Approach to [Problem Solving]
  31. Do you make these [Topic] mistakes
  32. Get rid of [Problem] once and for all
  33. Let’s stop [Activity/Practice]
  34. [Person] Did [something] [timeframe], here’s what happened
  35. A [Powerful word] tutorial to [Topic]
  36. Little known ways to [Activity/Practice]
  37. See how easy you can [Achievement]
  38. Give me [a short period of time] and I will provide you with [result]
  39. 100 Useful [Topic/Activity/Practice]
  40. [#] Facts and Myths About [Topic]
  41. How to [Activity/practice] Like a Boss
  42. The Real Truth About [Topic]
  43. A Cheat Sheet for [Topic]
  44. The Secret of Successful [Activity/Practice]
  45. How To [Activity/practice] in [Short Timeframe]
  46. [Person’s] [Activity/practice] I Have Improved My [Activity/Practice]
  47. [#] Things You Can Do [Timeframe] to [Achievement]
  48. The One Question That Changed [Person]’s Life
  49. [#] [Activites/Practices] to Improve Your [Topic]
  50. [#] [Topic] Tips to/for [Achievement/Improvement]
  51. [#] Ways to [Achievement/Improvement/Activity/Practice]
  52. [Topic]: The Ultimate Checklist
  53. Where to Find [Activity/Practice] on [Topic]
  54. How to [Improvement/Achievement] in [Very short timeframe]
  55. How to Rock [Activity/Practice]
  56. [#] Quick [Topic] Tips

Tips for writing great headlines

Coming up with catchy, attention-grabbing headlines can be tough. It’s one of the most important parts of your blog post, but it’s also one of the most challenging to write. You want to make sure it’s intriguing enough to get people to click, but you also don’t want to mislead or exaggerate.

So, how do you write an attractive headline? Here are a few tips:

1. Think about your target audience and what would interest them.

2. Keep it short and sweet—people don’t have a lot of time to read, so get to the point quickly.

3. Make sure it’s relevant to the topic of your article.

4. Use keywords that people will search for online.

5. Be creative and experiment with different ideas.

Headline mistakes to avoid

Picking the wrong headline can doom your blog post before it starts. You need to capture your reader’s attention and make them want to read more, and a bad headline can do just the opposite.

Here are a few mistakes to avoid when creating your headlines:

1. Being too vague. If your readers don’t have a good idea of what the article is about from the headline, they’re not going to bother reading it.

2. Being too boring or generic. Your headlines should be eye-catching and interesting, not just a rehash of the title of the article.

3. Being too sensationalistic or clickbaity. Nobody wants to feel like they’re being tricked into reading an article.

4. Neglecting to use keywords. Your headline should include some of the keywords that people might use to search for information on your topic.

5. Picking a headline that’s already been used by somebody else. Make sure your headlines are original and interesting.


Headlines are one of the most important pieces of a blog post – they’re the first thing that readers see and they can make or break a post. That’s why it’s important to put a lot of thought into them, and that’s where a headline generator can come in handy. By providing 50 headlines to choose from, a headline generator can help you come up with great headlines that will capture readers’ attention and help them get interested in your post.

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